Cycling: A Step towards Better Health

Cycling is a very healthy activity and there is no doubt in this fact. We surely feel relaxed when we go for a nice cycling session in the morning or in the evening. In this article we will share with you some of the greatest benefits which cycling gives to your health. To be precise we will discuss eight of these health benefits in this particular discourse. The benefits are discussed in the headings below.


Back in the year 2007, Charles Hillman conducted a study. The findings of the study revealed the fact that exercise can enhance the brain power of an individual. The study also showed that proper exercise can stave off harmful

Chuck Hillman - professor of kinesiology and community health

disease like Alzheimer’s.  Another study conducted in 2007 by Dr. Phil Tomporowski revealed that biking has a very positive impact on the kids.


A study was conducted recently which revealed that people suffering from knee pain became healthier when cycling was prescribed to them. A few hours of cycling can make an individual fitter and reduces the harmful effects of Knee pain. All in all cycling can help in recovering from injuries.

Heart Rate

Cycling can be very healthy for your heart and this has been proven through a research conducted by “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise”. The research examined a sample of 1500 people for five years. The research revealed that people who were regular in cycling were less threatened from blood pressure as compared to people who were not regular.


There was a survey conducted on 600 women and men. The survey was held by “The British Heart Foundation”. The results of the survey revealed that people who were regular in cycling were perceived as 13% high in intelligence as

Unique ID: obes097 Caption: Obese black female, exercising, cycling in the park Restrictions: NHS Photo Library – for use in NHS, local authority social care services and Department of Health material only Copyright: ©Crown Copyright

compared to the ones who were not regular.


The biggest benefit of cycling lies in the fact that it can burn fat which can ultimately cause the weight loss. However you need to follow a proper cycling schedule if you want to really lose weight. Though media today shows dieting as the only way of weight loss however science is telling us something different!

Cancer Prevention

A healthy weight, balanced diet and continuous exercise reduce the chances of cancer. There was a famous study which got published in the “American Medical Association”. The study took 14000 men as sample and the findings showed that people who were high in fitness and who were reaching the middle age had lower risk for colorectal cancer.  Among the exercises cycling is also involved hence technically cycling can help reduce the risk of cancer.

Feeling Better

Since cycling is a healthy thing and hence getting yourself involved in it reduces your stress level and makes you feel good. Through exercises and work out you can produce positive hormones in your body which actually make you optimistic and confident as well.

These were some of the major benefits that are related with cycling. People usually focus more on other exercise however the fact is that proper cycling can produce some wonderful results.

Initially when I started to ride bicycles, I had no idea, if I need a sportive training plan or any guidance from the technique physiotherapy experts. Later on, I realized that there are tough terrains where I cannot even ride for a few kms together because of the lack of stamina in me.